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IP addresses are important things for websites and networking devices. Those IP addresses are divided into two parts. Those are public IP address and private IP address. The pubic address is used for websites and the IP address can be accessed from any corner of the world. This is not so difficult to access. But the private IP address can be accessed when the users use the IP address from the same network. The IP address cannot be accessed from the outside of the network by Wi-Fi or cable. Private IP address can be accessed and changed from the device control panel. The manufacturers use a default IP address in the device. TP-Link routers also uses the default IP address.
The default IP address for the router is used for login to the device and main purpose of the default IP address, username and password are used mainly for this reason. The pure default IP address has many works and you should keep the default IP address in a note for other uses. We will discuss all about those things later. Manufactures could use different IP address than the IP address However, as the manufacturer used the IP address, then users have to use this IP address. But users should not change the default IP address.
The default IP address is is used in the routers and many networking devices. Now use a browser and type the IP address on the address bar and hit on the enter button. Now users will get a pop up screen where username and password are used for login to the device. Username and password are available in the router box. If the user does not find that information in the device box, then he can seek those default data in the manufacturing websites and other related websites.
From the router control panel, users can access all of the settings and enable multiple features. The most important features are for Wi-Fi security. The user of the router should read the router manual and other papers to know all of the necessary instruction for the users and Wi-Fi security features. Some users want to use manual IP address for securing the router but if they change the username and password, then the user will get enough security for the router. However, in the upcoming paragraph, I will discuss later all about those.
The IP address confliction is the main reason to change the default IP address and setup a manual IP address. For forming the manual, the users need to know how to change and form an IP address as well as the users need to know what things can make an IP address false. Until users know all about those things, the users cannot form a correct IP address. Without IP address confliction problem, user do not need to change the default IP address. In the next paragraph, I will discuss more about other things related with the IP address.
When you want to change the IP address, then you should think about the IP address class. The IP address class is very important for the router. User cannot change the IP address class. The IP address is followed by the IP address from Class C. The IP address class can be recognized to see the first two parts 192.168 but the user should not put anything in the IP address. The users need to use any IP address based on the IP address range from to If you try to setup any different IP address out of the IP address range, then router does not accept that. After setting the IP address, the users need to save the manual IP address in the router.
The IP address is formed with numbers and dots notation and user cannot use anything else. There is no place for space, symbol, letter or any word. User has to use the raw IP address which is made with numbers and 3 dots. If the user use more or less dot in the IP address, then the IP address will be false and this false IP address cannot be accepted by the routers. When the user will form the IP address, them he should notice all of those things. Because any mistake of IP address formation can make problem.
If the IP address does not work, then you have to check the firewall and antivirus. Because those thing may block the IP address and there is no option remains without unblocking. User needs to access the firewall and unblock the IP address. An updated antivirus can solve the problem quick. Sometimes the problem does not solve, the users need to access the control panel of the computer and setup the IP address in the network section.
Wi-Fi is very important thing and this is why security is important for the Wi-Fi than the router device. In the router control panel, users will get all options for the Wi-Fi security. Encrypted security is the most important thing. It blocks hackers to attack on the Wi-Fi. So, users remain secure. WAP2 and WEP are the latest encrypted security. A hard password is of 11 digits long of combination of letters and numbers. Change the SSID network name for secure the Wi-Fi. If you keep the router instruction material, then you can secure the router and Wi-Fi properly.
If you set up manual information and you are thinking that you do not need to use default information any more. Then I must say, you are wrong. You may need the default information any time. The IP address, username and password are important things. If you change the manual information but you have forgot, then you cannot login to the device. In this case, you have to s\reset the router from the router. You will get a key inside of the router. For pressing the key or button, you need to use a pin. For reset the router, you have to press the key for 15 to 20 second and you can learn about it from the router manual. After reset the router, you need to follow above for login to the router using the default information.
You should read this article and router manual properly as if you do not face any shuttle problem. If you face any and then you can solve it easily without any help from any one. Everything is very easy. Still, you are in trouble and do not know what and how to do what thing, then you may visit YouTube.com.